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Savina - Khaki with Gold Trim

Savina - Khaki with Gold Trim

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Water-Resistant Jackets:

  • Level of Protection: Water-resistant jackets provide a basic level of protection against water. They are designed to repel water to some degree but not completely. This means they can handle light rain or drizzle for a short period.
  • Construction: These jackets are often made of tightly woven fabric or coated with a treatment that repels water on contact. However, the seams and zippers might not be sealed.
  • Breathability: Generally, water-resistant jackets offer better breathability compared to waterproof jackets, making them suitable for active use where the wearer might sweat.
  • Suitability: Ideal for light precipitation and everyday use. They are suitable for activities where you don't expect to get soaked but might encounter occasional splashes or light rain.
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