Collection: Claire's Clothes from CIAO MILANO

Mon Amour recently started working with a new vendor named CIAO MILANO. The week before our Shop for a cause event for Claire we placed an order for Women's Rain jackets and through conversation with one of our representatives from this company we discussed the brand and their charity work. I explained how we had an event for Claire and without hesitation they donated pieces of children's clothing and jackets for us to sell to give 100% of the profit to Claire's Heart Journey. 

These jackets consist of a collaborative design process, dedicated to the creation of women's jackets that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. Local artisans, renowned for their expertise in textile weaving and leatherwork. This fusion of skills and ideas takes place in workshops filled with the vibrant hues of Mediterranean culture, where every stitch and cut is inspired by the island's rich heritage and natural beauty. Together, these artisans and designers meticulously craft jackets that are not only stylish and innovative but also deeply rooted in Sardinian tradition, ensuring each piece tells a story of collaboration, culture, and artistry.